The above question is one that our Belle Plaine, IA Thys Motor Company team receives daily. Prospective buyers needing a minivan to tow tons, haul cargo and haul large groups require group-oriented passenger vehicles with ahead-of-trend safety features. The Chrysler Pacifica fits the bill superbly. Take a look.

A System That Monitors Your Blind Spots

The Chrysler Pacifica boasts a Blind Spot Monitoring System. The system scans your blind spots for vehicles that drift into it. When it detects a vehicle in either blind spot, the corresponding exterior mirror displays a warning icon light. The warning helps you complete lane changes in a more timely, confident, and graceful manner.

Rear Cross Path Detection

The Rear Cross Path Detection feature is standard on the Chrysler Pacifica. With this feature, the Chrysler Pacifica watches your back vigilantly, scanning for vehicles that unexpectedly cross your path as you back out of parking spaces. When it detects a vehicle approaching and crossing from either side on your rear, the system alerts you, giving you time to slow and brake.

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