Drivers in Belle Plaine, IA are familiar with front-wheel-drive, rear-wheel-drive, and four-wheel-drive, but they most likely do not know anything about a transfer case. Most cars have an FWD system, but some can go from an FWD to having 4WD capabilities. A transfer case is necessary to make this happen.

A transfer case delivers power to the rear wheels when you switch your car from an FWD to a 4WD. It keeps your car moving by helping the wheels stay aligned while in the 4WD system. The transfer case is a delicate part and should not be in the 4WD system for long. You should keep your car in the FWD system unless road and weather conditions require you to be in the 4WD system.

When you come to Thys Motor Company to get your car serviced, our technicians will check your transfer case to make sure it is oiled and has plenty of fluids.

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