Driving in Belle Plaine, IA can be a challenge, even on the best days. At Thys Motor Company, we have seen the results when drivers check/don't check their blind spots at just the wrong moment. Blind-spot monitors can help to minimize and even eliminate this danger. Some useful facts to keep in mind.

Not all blind-spot monitors work the same. Most monitors use radar to detect when a car has entered your blind spot, that place where standard mirrors don't quite capture what's there. After that, different systems can work very differently.

Blind-spot monitors notify you there's an issue using warning signals and visual cues. Many monitors will show the position of other cars relative to your vehicle. Some will alert you if you put on your turn signal to turn in that direction.

Blind-spot monitors save lives and reduce stress. By reducing the need to turn your eye off the road ahead, blind-spot monitors can prevent accidents and reduce stress.

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