Traveling with your pets often means that you need to plan ahead. Make sure the hotel you plan to stay at will allow pets and if there are any fees that you'll need to pay. You also need to find out if there are any vaccinations that your pet needs to have whether you take them with you or take them to a kennel while you're away.

If you're traveling from Belle Plaine, IA to another country, you need to find out about requirements that need to be met as some countries aren't as strict as others with paperwork or even passports for animals. Take your pet to a vet to ensure that it's healthy enough to travel and that there are no issues to address.

Find a local vet office in the town you're visiting. This will be beneficial if there is an emergency that arises when you're traveling. Thys Motor Company can show you how to use various maps on your mobile device as well as on your navigation screen if there is one in your car to make finding offices a bit easier.

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