There’s a reason why the Chrysler Pacifica continues to be a popular family minivan. When you’re in Belle Plaine, IA, you can explore the many performance features that the vehicle has to offer. At Thys Motor Company, we’ll show you how the Pacifica is so much more than a minivan.

Road trips are going to be more exciting when you don’t have to make countless stops for fuel. The Pacifica has an impressive highway fuel economy so that you can go farther on every tank. It’s unsurpassed in its class, so you can take advantage of it every time you go for a drive.

The electronic stability control is a feature that comes standard. Regardless of the trim level that you get, you can look forward to the enhanced engineering. With selective braking and throttle control, you can maintain directional control on ice, snow, wet roads, and so much more.

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