Dodge Durango's Surprising Fuel-Stretching Aspects

Obviously, automobiles fascinate us at Thys Motor Company. We want to share a facet of one of our models in our Belle Plaine, IA inventory today that could fascinate you. In addition to being an attention-grabbing SUV, the mid-size Dodge Durango stretches fuel.

Dodge supplies every Durango with an engine that recycles heat that you might expect a powerful SUV to waste. Whether you opt for the standard Pentastar engine or an available HEMI, you will take advantage of this tech. When you choose a HEMI, highway drives in your Durango will cover 500 miles on one tank.

To manage your Durango's engine, Dodge provides an eight-speed, automatic transmission. While you can passively use this setup, you may wish to test your ability to further extend your SUV's trip capacity. To that end, every Durango features steering-wheel shift paddles and an in-console T-knob. Using those options to test your fuel-stretching skills will help you deeply enjoy your new Dodge Durango.

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