Vehicles are incredibly complex machines. Here at Thys Motor Company, we want to help our customers gain a better understanding of how they work. Gaskets are an important part of the vehicle that are rarely mentioned unless there is a problem. So what do they do?

A gasket is used to both cushion and seal the moving parts of your vehicle. The most common one you will hear about is the head gasket. This vital part of your car sits between the engine block and the cylinder head. It creates a seal to prevent leakage.

Your head gasket gets exposed to a lot of things on any given day. Exhaust fumes, oil, water, and fuel all come into contact with it. The head gasket has the important job of keeping the oil and water separated. When the water and oil mix, severe damage to your engine can happen quickly. Drivers in Belle Plaine, IA are likely familiar with the term "blowing a gasket." This typically happens when it overheats.

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