Keeping your vehicle maintained is essential, and we can help at Thys Motor Company in Belle Plaine, IA. Your car has a cabin air filter and engine air filter, and both play an integral role in helping your vehicle stay in optimal condition. Let's find out more about cabin and engine air filters.

Engine air filters keep debris and particles from circulating into the engine intake. Your vehicle's engine functions at high speeds in hot temperatures and even the smallest amount of debris can pose an issue. When your engine air filter is clogged, it can reduce performance and possibly cause damage to major components.

Your cabin air filter prevents contaminants from entering the interior of your vehicle so that you and your occupants get clean air. While a clogged cabin air filter won't hinder engine performance, it can make your ride unpleasant due to musty smells and allergens. You can reference your owner's manual to find out how often your air filters need to be changed.

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