When you're driving, you might not pay much attention to the condition of your headlights as long as you're still able to see the road at night. There are a few signs that you might notice if there are issues with the lights or if they need to be cleaned by someone at Thys Motor Company.

Pay attention to the condition of your headlights. If they are scuffed, then cleaning them should be enough. However, if you notice any scratches or cracks, then you might need to replace the headlight or the cover.

When you're driving in Belle Plaine, IA at night, your headlights should shine brightly. If it's difficult to see because they are dim, then you might just need to clean the surface. However, the light could need to be replaced as well if the bulb itself isn't as bright as it normally is when you're driving. Another reason to restore your headlights would be if you're trying to sell or trade your car.

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