Style and Functionality in the Jeep Grand Cherokee

If you're looking for a stylish vehicle that can handle tough road conditions with ease, consider the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. This popular SUV has a rugged exterior design. Despite its off-road appeal, Jeep includes many modern design elements that will turn heads wherever you go in Belle Plaine.

When you take a look at the Grand Cherokee at Thys Motor Company, you'll immediately notice its aggressive stance. The body of the SUV is wide and commanding. The wider shape isn't just for looks. It also helps to improve handling and stability on the road. The body of the SUV continues the signature boxy shape that Jeeps are known for.

However, curved lines bring the Grand Cherokee into the modern era. Sculpted curves sweep around the sides of the SUV and over the wheel wells. The back of the Jeep Grand Cherokee features a prominent spoiler. In addition to providing great looks, the spoiler helps to reduce drag as you drive.

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