Highly Crafted from The Inside Out

A masterful performance vehicle and one that has the comfort of a smaller SUV, the Dodge Durango leaves no stone left unturned. The V8 engine gives you the power that you need to pull almost anything. However, there are other packages that feature a smaller engine.

The exterior of the Durango features a luggage rack on the top so that you can carry everything from bikes to suitcases while on the roads in Belle Plaine, IA. An updated design feature is the racetrack appearance on the tailgate of the vehicle.

Airflow is optimized with the larger grille on the front. Choose from one of almost one dozen colors when you visit Thys Motor Company. There are almost 50 different seat configurations depending on how many people are in the vehicle and what kind of cargo you're carrying inside. The latest technology is used from the front of the Durango to the back with touchscreen options and individual controls.

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