Know Your Motor Oil Viscosity Rating

Motor oil viscosity ratings are essential pieces of information for automobile owners and drivers. Motor oil is necessary for the operation of the engine, as it protects and lubricates the engine's moving parts. The manufacturers set the requirements for thickness and rates of flow; these are the viscosity ratings. To get the right oil, owners must follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

Belle Plaine area drivers know that they must choose a blend of light and heavy oil that protects their engines in cold weather and at high temperatures. The three-part viscosity rating consists of a low-temperature rating, the letter W, and the high-temperature rating. For example, 10 W 30 is an excellent year-around oil.

At Thys Motor Company, we provide an extensive range of oil options including synthetic oils and oils with suitable additives. Our experienced technicians are standing by to install the right oil for your vehicle. Please call or stop by our location today.

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