The Fuel-Efficient Dodge Journey

The mid-sized Journey remains a popular choice for its spacious interior and many features. Owners also enjoy the fact that the new Dodge SUV saves money in terms of fuel. Potential vehicle owners have the option of choosing between the four-cylinder or the 3.6-liter V6 engine. But, either way, you will enjoy getting up to 25 mpg. That means your next road trip may venture 500 miles before needing to refuel the tank.

The six-speed automatic transmission equipped with “Autostick” is the reason the V6 gets great gas mileage. The larger engine and 283 horsepower are desirable for anyone desiring the extra power for towing. The Dodge Journey makes a great vehicle for families or anyone who enjoys traveling and outdoor adventure. You cannot appreciate all of the SUVs features unless you stop in at Thys Motor Company and explore the options in person. Indulge in a test drive today.

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