Muddy Road-Conditions and Hydroplaning

If can be fun to take your truck, car, or SUV off-roading. Backroads and trails can offer adventure and thrills, but during wet weather, these muddy trails can also cause hydroplaning.

Hydroplaning usually happens when thin layers of water form between tire treads and roads. While this phenomenon is often associated with water, it can also happen when other liquids are present.

Mud is a thick, liquid suspension of water and dirt. Under the wrong conditions, even the thickest of tires can hydroplane and lose control on muddy roads.

To preclude this from happening, you should always use caution when driving on off-road trails in wet weather. You should drastically reduce your speed, and you should only use tires that are rated for your vehicle and the driving conditions.

It can be hard to find the rating and usage information for your car, but here at Thys Motor Company, our certified suspension system pros can demystify your system for you. To learn more, swing by our service center in the Belle Plaine area today.

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