Safe, Dependable and Durable – The Ram ProMaster City is the Cargo Van You Need

The Ram ProMaster City is America’s popular cargo van because it provides independent contractors and independent business owners a durable and heavy-duty vehicle they can depend on.

The Ram ProMaster City is the safest and most secure cargo van you will ever need on the road. It is engineered with a reinforced body structure that has been tested to extreme limits for guaranteeing durability. You have the assurance that you’re driving a cargo van which has gone through rigorous steep grade and high heat testing, in the worst possible conditions.

There is dependable vehicle strength for distance and endurance to get you where you need to be, with everything you need to keep your business running smooth. The cargo van also has seven airbags, active head restraints, and vehicle crush zones to protect you along the way.

To learn more, stop by Thys Motor Company in Belle Plaine, IA for a test drive!

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