How to Test a Vehicle's Alternator

If a vehicle won't start, it is easy to assume that the battery is dead. However, this isn't necessarily the case. In some cases, it could be that the alternator is not working properly or at all. Fortunately, there are easy and quick ways to have a vehicle's alternator tested.

One way to test the alternator is to detach the negative terminal from the battery. If the engine stops running, it is likely that the alternator isn't working properly. This is because the alternator is what supplies power to the engine after it starts. A loose alternator may also be the reason a vehicle isn't starting.

Anyone who is having issues with an alternator may get their car serviced at Thys Motor Company in Belle Plaine. If the alternator is working properly, a technician may be able to pinpoint why the car won't start or is struggling to do so.

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