A DIY Tip for Crystal Clear Headlights

Clear headlights play an important role in driving safety. When headlight lenses become hazy or obscured it can affect the driver's ability to see. Poor visibility leads to driving errors and accidents. Fortunately, there are some DIY methods that may restore your headlights to their original clarity.

There are a few household items that are effective at cleaning hazy headlights. Toothpaste or insect repellant with DEET can help remove the cloudy film. These items should be applied to a rag and then rubbed into the headlight lenses. It may take several minutes before the cleaning effect occurs. At the end, make sure to clean the surface with a fresh rag to thoroughly clean the lenses.

If you'd prefer to have your headlights professionally restored contact our service center at Thys Motor Company in Belle Plaine, IA. Our auto technicians will use proven methods to restore your headlights.

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