The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Can Go Further Than Any Other Minivan

Minivans are attractive for many reasons; they're practical, roomy, and versatile. What the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid brings to the table is efficiency. In fact, it's the most efficient minivan currently available, getting up to 84 MPGe.

At Thys Motor Company, we enjoy talking to people about this minivan because it can change the way we think about vehicles. This Pacifica can run while switching back and forth between an electric motor and a standard gasoline engine. This lets drivers in Belle Plaine get the most out of each charge and each tank of gas.

The way you charge the battery is simple. You can plug it in straight into a 120V wall outlet. You can also opt to get the MOPAR Charger with your minivan so that you can fully charge the battery in only two hours. This device uses 240 volts and can be installed at your home.

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