Ram 2500: Durability is Its Strong Suit

Motorists looking to buy a heavy-duty pickup truck have many options. Ram 2500 is popular choice, partly because of the durability it offers.

No need to worry about your Ram 2500 holding up under pressure because it has a 50,000-PSI steel frame that is hydroformed for extra durability. The frame gets more strength and mass efficiency from additional crossmembers, and it has hydroformed front and back rail contours that makes the placement of suspension components and mounts more secure. Also experience the extra security of the smart diesel exhaust brake system, which gives you more stability when driving on downward sloping surfaces. This system makes braking less aggressive and reduces the wear-and-tear on disc brakes.

Want to check out the Ram 2500 for yourself? If you're in or near Belle Plaine, IA, stop by Thys Motor Company for a test drive.

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