Seek Service at a Dealership to Take Care of Your Car

If you take care of your car, it will take care of you. It's important to keep up with the needs of your car.

There are countless crashes in the United States every day. How many of these were caused by faulty or unfit vehicles? Making sure your car is in its best condition is important to staying safe on the road.

Dealerships like Thys Motor Company have high class technicians, they're trained to make sure your car is running up to the standards of the original manufacturer. We also use OEM parts to guarantee quality. If you happened to buy your car from us, we'll likewise have existing knowledge of your car. This will allow us to give it the maintenance it needs based on its history.

The next time you need maintenance performed, consider scheduling an appointment with our service center in Belle Plaine, IA. Our service technicians have the tools and expertise you need to keep your car healthy.

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