The Tires on Your Car

Did you know there's such a tire type called "passenger tires?" You should. Most of the time, when you buy a new vehicle, passenger tires are what it comes with. They provide a quiet, smooth ride and are known for their optimal handling. Passenger tires receive excellent ratings for their high mileage capabilities. They offer the best value for the average car owner.

Within the category of passenger tires, there are some different sub-categories. Those are all-season tires and all-weather tires. The all-seasons are good for durability and superior traction on all road conditions. All-weather tires are made to be used all year long, no matter what the weather is.

While passenger tires are usually a solid option for most common conditions, your life and vehicle might need something different. To get a better picture of the tires your car might need, contact the service center at Thys Motor Company in Belle Plaine, IA. We can help you find and install the tires you need.

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