Keep Your Kids Visible to the Road

Halloween is one of the fall celebrations children love best. They get to dress up in different costumes and eat tasty treats. Unfortunately, it's also one of the worst nights in the United States for pedestrian-related car accidents.

While drivers have to do their part, there are some tips parents can follow to help keep their kids safe.

  • It’s important to put on reflective tapes for drivers to see you, especially at night to avoid accidents.
  • Find sidewalks and walk on the side facing traffic in a bid to stay safe.
  • Find well-fitting masks and costumes for easier movement.
  • Walk in groups to promote visibility.
  • When trick-or-treating, use reflective tape and flashlights to help you see and be seen.

No one wants an accident on Halloween. By doing your part, you can avoid any incidents and ensure that you and the people on the road have a good holiday.

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